Sylvia Smith

  • Graduate student
  • University of Denver

Raised a computer nerd by my father, a software developer, I followed his footsteps in spending almost every waking moment on a computer from childhood--and designing and publishing my own website by the age of 14. Being a budding software developer opened many doors for me, and one of these was the ability to attend a small liberal arts college of my choice, where I unplugged from the computer, studied philosophy, and learned to ponder the mysteries of the universe--a good liberal arts education provides few answers but rather teaches the student to ask questions. Even so, the practicalities of life dictated that after graduation I get a sensible job making the greatest amount of money possible, which for me meant jumping back on the software train. Thus I remained for several years, until most recently I realized that it was time to reorient my career in a direction that more greatly suits my particular interests and skills: I enrolled in an excellent library and information science program at the University of Denver, and here I am now.