James Griffin

  • Digital Library Programmer
  • Lafayette College
  • Website: lafayette.edu/

As a graduate student studying digital librarianship, my initial focus lay with the Open Access and open data movements, serving to contribute to the development of free and open source web applications addressing contemporary issues within scholarly communication (e. g. author name disambiguation). From this position, I gradually enlarged my interests into broader areas relevant to digital scholarship and digital preservation (such as digital repository platforms).

In my current position as a digital library programmer, I find myself now fascinated with the application of data mining techniques (e. g. social network analysis and natural language processing) in application to the digital output of research within the humanities (which may facilitate wider interdisciplinary integration between [formerly] disparate and distinct academic fields of study, and thus, serve some role in shaping the future of scholarly communication). I also find myself increasingly drawn to the increasing development of frameworks aimed at integrating these novel systems with semantic web architecture.