Annette Parde

  • Graduate Student
  • University of Missouri
  • Twitter: @alparde

I have a BA in History and will finish my MA in Library Science in May. I like working with and helping students and teachers in my current job as Events Coordinator for the National History Day: Nebraska and Master of Arts in Historical Studies programs at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Once I obtain my degree, I hope to find employment in an archive or academic library. I would like to combine my desire to assist students and teachers with my tech and research skills.

I am burgeoning tech geek who has successfully installed Xubuntu on an aged laptop and dual booted CM7 on my Nook using an SD card… for fun! I have used my Nook more as a tablet than eReader due to my pile of unread books in hard copy. I did get two ebooks for my Emerging Technologies class in order to use the software. Both are good, but one is exceptional – The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu. It is especially relevant as we keep fighting for the openness of the internet.