Library IT Support: What does your org chart look like?

Some libraries have their own IT departments while others use their campus IT division. In either model, that support may be highly centralized, highly decentralized or, in some cases, confederated. In this session, I want to compare notes about how these various approaches work, what are the pros and cons, and – if necessary – to try to imagine new ways of conceptualizing IT in the library.

In particular, I am interested in ideas about IT support for Digital Humanities. This often presents special challenges because the work can be experimental and done in collaboration with partners who have very busy schedules.

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About Stewart Varner

I am a librarian and a bike nerd. As the Digital Scholarship Librarian in the Davis Library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I help scholars incorporate technology into their teaching and research. I earned my Ph.D. in American Studies at Emory and my MLIS from North Texas.