Training LIS students for DH Work

I’m interested in discussing what current/upcoming LIS students can do to become involved in the digital humanities. As DH gains momentum, more and more MLIS/MLS students are becoming interested in pursuing work at DH centers and in libraries that support DH, though finding opportunities to learn DH-centric skills and experience in the field is not always easy or obvious. What types of courses–currently offered at most LIS programs–would be most beneficial? What skills are necessary for librarians to work in DH? How can we better connect MLIS/MLS students with DH centers in terms of internships, work experience, project support? In the future, how can LIS programs better support students in the DH community–new course offerings focusing on DH skills, connections to centers, other ways of connecting and involvement?

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About bublitzd

I have a BA in Classics and Religion from Reed College, focusing on the interdisciplinary study of language, history, and religious studies--specifically focusing on gender and the Crusades. I also hold a MLitt in Mediaeval Studies from the University of St Andrews, and am currently pursuing my MLIS at the University of Washington. My interests have always been divided between new technology and really old things, to put it simply, and so the DH field is extremely exciting to me because it combines everything I am passionate about. I get really excited when I find new online resources/tools for palaeography!