What kind of instruction does your library do for DH students?

The DH librarian and Digital Library Program librarians at UCLA have started doing instruction sessions for mostly graduate students, many of whom are in DH.  These sessions have included workshops on Topic Modeling,  Google Maps and Fusion Tables, XML and TEI topics and others (a popular one was on Jquery).  These are all outside of sessions taught for courses, so are essentially library instruction sessions.  What instruction are others able to offer?  We have had challenges in obtaining software, preparing sessions and making them useful for the long term.  It would be great to confer with other librarians doing instruction for DH students and faculty in any capacity, including for regular courses for credit.

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I am a Librarian with a long title at the UCLA Digital Library Program. I've been focusing on maps and geographic information, data issues, and managing other digital library projects. Before coming to UCLA I worked for over a decade at Yale University Library in various aspects of digital collections including managing many kinds of digitization projects and work in electronic resources. I have also been a science librarian and a social science librarian. I have a lot of other interests including cities, baking, and olympic sports (mostly watching). I really don't like video games but am very into blogs and the New Yorker.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I would like to talk about promotion for these types of classes as well. How do we make sure that those doing DH know that library is offering these types of classes? What types of outreach do we need to do to get that word out?

  2. I am interested in this topic not just for student training but also staff training (someone else proposed this topic), but I think the staff and student model (following something like UVa’s Praxis Program) are more related than not. We are struggling with the value of providing one-off workshops v. a longer term project in which groups are actively working on a real project and are able then to immediately apply what they are learning, week to week, month to month to said project over say 1-2 years. UCLA has far more interesting training sessions than ones we’ve devised thus far. Would like to hear more for sure. Maybe this could be a demo session too? I’d like to see some of the teaching materials for the topics you offer or perhaps a list of the specific tools and methods you use or cite.

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