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In the run-up to our DH & Libraries-themed THATCamp, this site will serve as a place to propose sessions, gather thoughts, and share resources that will inform the discussion at the event. To kick things off, here is a round-up of a couple of blog posts, a bibliography, and an email list that all touch on the intersection of libraries and digital humanities. (Originally collected for this post on the THATCamp OSU site.)

Know of other resources on the topic? Add them in the comments!

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About Melanie Schlosser

Digital Publishing Librarian at the Ohio State University Libraries. I came to library science from the humanities (undergraduate degree in English), and have continued to weave them into my work. I have attended a number of THATCamps, and have organized (or help to organize) a couple.

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  1. Michelle Dalmau says:

    Micah Vandegrift’s recent post, What Is Digital Humanities and What’s it Doing in the Library?

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