Getting started

Hi, we just started planning this event. We will add more information to the site over the next several months.

What, when, and where?

  • DH and Libraries THATCamp will focus on Digital Humanities & Libraries. It is organized as a DLF Forum 2012 pre-conference event.
  • When: November 3, 2012, , 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Where: Downtown Westin, Denver, CO

Who should attend?

THATCamp DH and Libraries is open to anyone interested in the intersection of libraries and digital humanities work. This can include librarians and library staff, IT professionals, and administrators, as well as faculty and graduate students in the humanities. If your library supports digital humanities or is interested in doing so, we encourage you to come and engage with us. We have much to learn from each other!

Please see our About page for more information.

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