Session on DH Training for Students

My public notes from today’s session:   We discussed possibly forming a Google Group to share instructional materials … Comment here and I can create the group or determine other forms of alt-communication.  Snack time!

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I am the Acting Head of Digital Collections Services at the IU Libraries. Previously, I was the Digital Projects Librarian for the Digital Collections Services group and Digital Library Program at the IU Libraries, where I was responsible for coordinating and managing digital library projects with a particular focus on electronic text projects. I have been actively participating the DH community since 2005, but I have contributed to DH-related projects at IU as early as 2002. I am the co-editor of the Victorian Women Writers Project (, and participate in many other DH endeavors ... part of the editorial technical staff for DHQ, Co-chair of the TEI Libraries SIG, and other stuffs I can't remember right now.